Bamboo Bikes

After many years of working with bamboo and studying traditional joinery techniques, we have developed a new and innovative technique that allows bamboo to surpass its previous limitations. Through these techniques we are able to create lightweight bike frames with graceful and minimalist design. Because of bamboo's natural vibration dampening qualities, our frames have an unrivaled smooth ride, yet stiff and responsive for great transfer of power and agile steering. We are excited to be designing and building bikes with this sustainable and innovative material.

Werk Arts single speed bamboo bike
Build Your Own
Save big by building your own bamboo frame and have the satisfaction of riding your own hand crafted bike. No special skills needed, we’ll teach you the craft of joining bamboo and working with carbon fiber to create a high quality frame using the same techniques we use in our complete bamboo bike line. We go to great lengths to ensure the highest quality bamboo. Using bamboo grown in Hawaii, we’re able hand select, harvest, treat, and carefully dry our bamboo to have material of the highest potential. The bamboo we use is incredibly strong with mechanical properties exceeding that of steel (strength to weight)
Either build the frame and outfit the bike with your favorite components yourself or we have complete assembled bike packages that cost below retail of buying them yourself. Learn more about our packages and sign up for classes

Upcoming Classes

Bamboo frame building class - April 21-22, 2018 at our workshop on Oahu in Kailua, Hawaii - more details coming soon!

Fixed Gear/Single Speed
One-of-kind handmade Hawaiian bamboo bike frame. Harvested, treated, and built right here in Hawaii
Designed and engineered for the perfect balance of stiffness and use of bamboo’s natural vibrationdamping qualities to create the smoothest ride over metal or composite framed bikes.
Complete bike with bamboo frame and hand picked component package starting at $2100

A perfect blend of beauty and function for the urban commute
simple internal gear set-up, no derailleurs to adjust, just simple quick gear changes and a clean chain line.
complete bike build with hand selected component package including 8 or 11 speed, disc or caliper brakes, carbon fork. starting at $2950

(808) 721-9375 -
By appointment: 905 Kalanianaole Hwy Bldg 18 Kailua, Hawaii

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Barret Werk in Honolulu, HI on Houzz
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